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Hermetic Package Sealing


Design, Develop, Produce Pilot to HVM

Properly developed resistance joining assures the lowest leak rates through the devices life cycle.  MCL utilizes on site metrology tools including Hitachi SEM, Olympus Opto-Digital Microscope, Real-Time X-Ray and Mitutoyo CNC measuring for process development.

Automatic Dry Gross and Fine Leak Testing including data of all leak testing for each package type to 10-12 atm-cm3/sec Helium
Incoming Clean; Class 1 Cleanroom Processing; Sealing in < Class 1 Particulate with 0.1 PPM H2O and O2 Inert Gas Environment
Clean, Low Cost MCL Carriers (Patent Pending) provide secure edge grip carrying and process self-centering for all cover seal processes including gross and fine leak testing.
Success for Widest Variety of Package, Cover and Feedthrough Requirements