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Hermetic Package Sealing:
Design, Develop, Produce Pilot to HVM


MCL hermetic package sealing solutions for air leak rates E10 atm-cm3/sec, lower than the most stringent requirements per MIL-STD 883 Test Method 1014 for Class K devices.

Design, Develop, Production from Pilot to HVM for Photonics, Compound Semiconductor, MEMS, Microwave, Power and Semiconductor in hermetic encapsulated devices with the lowest total cost.

All processing is performed in a Class 1 Cleanroom where a proprietary non-contact clean will remove particles insuring that your hermetic sealed packages will have a cleaner interior than pre-seal conditions. Lightweight, low cost MCL Carriers (patent pending) will transport your packages through the entire package sealing process (or the entire assembly process) enabling “No Touch” product handling.

The established Process of Record (POR) may be transferred to other manufacturers.  MCL’s monthly capacity of 1,000 packages is available.  When your needs require HVM, a copy exact fabrication cell enables continuous process and equipment support by MCL, as well as a second source by design.

MCL utilizes the best processing equipment in the world, all of which is networked to an internal system with complete data collection for each process step. Most equipment may be programmed for sampling time intervals.  Documentation is available which is based upon the sealing of thousands of packages.


During Rich Richardson’s 28 years with Solid State Equipment Corporation (acquired by VEECO in 2015) he advanced new product development programs for worldwide customers. Rich has extensive experience in processing and equipment with manufacturing expertise in BEOL and Assembly packaging for Compound Semiconductor, Photonics, Advanced Packaging, MEMs, Microwave, Power and Semiconductor devices. Prior to SSEC, Rich held positions with IBM ROLM Systems and Philips. He is a University of Michigan graduate.

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