80Au20Sn Solder Cover Sealing

80Au20Sn Solder Cover Sealing

Ceramic packages with tungsten film and an Au/Ni top plate are routinely sealed with 80Au20Sn solder with a pre-attached preform to an Au/Ni plate Kovar cover. In addition to obtaining lowest leak rates, sealed packages are x-ray inspected to determine compliance with MIL-STD-883 Test Method 2012.9 Rejection Criteria for Cover Seal Voids relevant to 80Au20Sn Solder Cover Seal processing.

High Voiding 80Au20Sn Solder Cover Seal Joining

Low Voiding 80Au20Sn Solder Cover Seal Joining

Real-time x-ray

Dynamic x-ray

Lowest Leak Rates with Highest Yielding Manufacturing Process

MCL’s 80Au20Sn cover sealing solution includes the tooling and machine parameters for a
process with widest processing margins.