Hermetic Package Sealing Solutions


MicroCircuit Laboratories provides customized development services for Hi-Rel component-level, low temperature hermetic package encapsulation. Deliverables include cover seal processes, with 0 gross leakers and fine leak rates lower than space level, with no stress to feedthroughs. All processes are warrantied. Complete data is provided on processing and test equipment.

MCL’s capabilities include materials design software; class 10 cleanroom with 100% SIMCO air ionization; pre-seal moisture removal processing; headspace development with clean inert gases, including 0.1µ filtration, 0.1 PPM H2O and O2; parallel seam sealing, one shot welding; automatic gross and fine leak testing; cover seal joint inspection by optical, SEM, BSE and X-Ray methods; PIND testing.

MCL provides onsite prototyping and pilot production services with complete data from the MCL network. Complete tooling packages are included so that processes easily transport to captive or merchant partners.


Rich Richardson is president of MicroCircuit Laboratories (MCL), which provides development, problem resolution, and prototyping services for Hi-Rel component-level hermetic package sealing. Over the course of more than three decades in the industry, Rich has developed expertise in processing with weld/braze or 80Au20Sn solder hermetic cover sealing for package configurations including compound semiconductors, photonics, MEMs, microwave, power, and multi-chip modules.

Prior to MCL, Rich worked for 28 years at Solid State Equipment Corporation (SSEC), which was acquired by Veeco in 2015. Prior to SSEC, Rich was with IBM ROLM Systems and Philips NV. He is a graduate of the University of Michigan.