Process Development

MCL delivers POR for Seam Weld or Seam AuSn Solder Hermetic Cover Seals.  Deliverables include tooling, 0 Gross Leaks with Fine Leak Rates typically > 1 decade slower than hi-rel aerospace standards.  High level consultation on the entire hermetic package design and fabrication process is provided including equipment consultation and training.

Customized processed are routine including pre-seal vacuum bake moisture removal, hermetic cover seal, A5 fine and gross leak testing to class K specifications per MIL-STD-883K Test Method 1014 Seal; 2009 External Visual; 2012.9 Lid Seal Voids Rejection Criteria; 2002 PIND Testing; and JEDEC JESD9C Inspection Criteria. Test Method 1018 for RGA gas analysis is performed after leak testing.

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