SSEC M2XXX Parallel Seam Sealers

SSEC M2XXX Parallel Seam Sealers

To optimize the performance of your SSEC M2XXX Parallel Seam Sealer, MCL offers complete, comprehensive and timely services. Solutions range from equipment problem resolution through advanced process development that exceeds all relevant MIL-STD 883 requirements including Test Method 1014 Seal; Test Method 2012 Lid Seal Voids; Test Method 2009 External Visual and more.

MCL deliverables will include:

  • Highest level equipment and process support, including training. MCL will provide prompt resolution to your requests.

  • Utilizing extensive process development work and a statistical process to optimize settings, MCL will customize seal joints to exceed the most demanding aerospace requirements, including both seal joint quality and lowest leak rates.

  • Package tooling with edge grip MCL carriers, which provide the most secure and easiest tooling method for package holding. Optimized electrode tooling for challenging applications including housings, axels, electrode rollers and conducting media. MCL tooling is quick-turn and less expensive than alternative sources, enabling available funds to be utilized for process and equipment support.

  • For complete and quick-turn development, MCL maintains on-site advanced single system gross and fine leak testing; Hitachi SEM; Real Time X-Ray; Mitutoyo CNC Measurement; and PIND testing.