MCL Announces 2024 Q1 availability of the Robotic Cover Sealer, RCS, patent pending

“From our founding in 2015, Microcircuit Laboratories mission is to deliver the highest performance hermetic package sealing process. We continue this mission by supporting our customers with the new Robotic Cover Sealer, RCS, Patent Pending.” Says Rich Richardson

“The RCS is the first hermetic package sealer in the industry which provides fully automatic cover seal processing. The RCS developed intelligence will result in only good hermetic seals. For highest productivity, our HDHS™ technology enables change from one package style to the next in two minutes. The cycle time for a complete hermetic seal process is the quickest in the industry. In Q1 MCL manufacturing will be providing a quick shipment program for the RCS, which may be installed both in new and existing glovebox systems.”