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Your valuable WIP will receive the greatest care from MCL. All materials will enter our cleanroom through three pressurized zones into a class 10 cleanroom. The entire facility is on an ESD floor with 100% SIMCO Air Ionization coverage. MicroCircuit Laboratories onsite capabilities enable rapid processing from incoming inspection through the cover seal and test operations. 

Aramark gowns, hoods, face, and hand coverings are worn throughout processing. Workflow instructions accompany each lot. All laboratory and production equipment are on the network for data collection. The highest level of workmanship is provided, based upon decades of microelectronic manufacturing.  MCL’s flexible scheduling translates into rapid turn times.

MicroCircuit Laboratories capabilities include two automated glovebox and cover sealing systems. For automated gross and fine leak testing, multiple automated He bomb stations enable simultaneous processing for multiple lots. Utilizing the flexible method of leak detection enables flexible testing schedules for most rapid turn times.

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