MCL offers customized services through the entire hermetic package sealing process, from design through problem resolution, for both seam weld and seam AuSn cover sealing. MCL’s vertical integration provides for rapid turn times. We fabricate our own seal tooling on-site. On-site metrology equipment includes Keyence 7000, Olympus DSX 500, Hitachi SEM, Bruker EDS, and GT X-Ray. Hermetic sealers include two seam sealers, projection welder, which operate in three automatic glovebox systems.

MCL’s test capability includes multiple automated helium soak stations, automatic gross and fine leak testing, PIND test and more. MCL’s 32 years of experience in the hermetic package sealing process gives us familiarity with the largest combination of feedthroughs in package and covers, materials selection and design. All processes developed by MCL are warrantied for the life of the package.

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