Hermetic Package Sealing


Design, Develop, Produce Pilot to HVM

MCL resistance joining processes assure the lowest leak rates through the device life cycle.  Whether new product development with materials design and selection or problem resolution of qualified devices, a low leak rate, fully aerospace compliant process will be realized.

Single system, dry gross and fine leak testing provides complete data on each package through the complete leak testing process.  The database tracks the sealed package through all aspects of testing including helium sorption characteristics.  Glass feedthroughs are easily processed. 

Redundant Hermetic Package Sealing Systems provide cost efficient pilot production services.  Clean processing assures your devices is cleanest after hermetic seal. No adhesives in bake out chambers; Class 1 particulate and 0.1 PPM H2O and O2 contamination in inert environment.

Obtain decade lower air leak rate compared to most stringent aerospace requirements.

Challenging cover seals including 80Au20Sn Solder Cover Seal; non-optimized designs of qualified packages; cover and package feedthroughs are rapidly optimized.  Onsite metrology feedback includes HITACHI SEM, GT Real Time X-ray, Olympus Opto-Digital Microscope and Mitutoyo CNC Measurement.

Lowest lake rates for variety of package and cover feedthroughs.