Hermetic Package Sealing


Complete Customized Development Services

Customized services for all aspects of the hermetic cover sealing process, from design through process development and problem resolution including highest level equipment support and training.

Complete Data for Gross & Fine Leak Rates

Utilizing an advanced leak test system, complete data points are provided through all the gross and fine leak test process per the most stringent Aerospace specifications. Complete data provides management over all He sorption issues including identifying gross leaks and verifying final leak rates.

Prototype and Production Services

Copy Exact, Redundant Systems eliminate cross contamination and enables rapid turn time. All systems provide class 1 particle environment with 0.1 PPM H2O, O2 level with high vacuum pre-brake systems with full data collection on the entire sealing process.

Weld / Braze or 80Au20Sn Solder Cover Seal

Lowest Leak Rates to Detection Limit of Leak Test Equipment, either He or Kr85 Methods

Metrology for Weld/Braze and 80Au20Sn Solder

Incoming materials through seal processing development, on-site metrology tools provide for rapid development of customized hermetic seals. Hitachi SEM; Real Time X-ray; Opto-Digital Microscope; CNC coordinate measurement are some of the diagnostic tools utilized.

Glass to Metal Seals Lowest Leak Rates

Package feedthroughs and Cover Lenses with lowest temperature exposure.