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Since 2015 our mission is to deliver the highest performing hermetic package cover seals, utilizing both Seam Weld and AuSn Solder, with leak rates typically a decade slower than space level specifications and with 0 failures.  Whether the needs is for new product development, problem resolution or prototyping, we provide a complete and timely solution.  MCL is vertically integrated including pre-seal headspace processing, hermetic cover seal, automatic gross and fine leak testing, complete suite of metrology tools including SEM, EDS, Keyence 7000, Olympus DSX 500, X-Ray test and more.  All tooling is fabricated onsite for the most rapid turn times.

MCL’s technical staff includes 30+ years of Seam Weld and AuSn solder cover sealing; metallurgist; mechanical, software and controls engineering.  As a privately held business we take a very long term view of our customer relationships. 

MCL is fortunate to be located in the Brandywine River Valley of Pennsylvania which is abundant with technical resources.

Customized Development Solutions

MicroCircuit Laboratories (MCL) is the industry process expert for seam weld and seam AuSn hermetic package cover sealing. Our services range from development to problem resolution and production, with deliverables tailored to your specific needs. All sealing processes far exceed industry specifications and are backed by a lifetime warranty. 

Use Cases

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MCL is equipped to deliver hermetic packaging expertise for a wide variety of technologies, markets and applications.


Whether you’re looking for new product development or problem resolution, MCL’s services are customized to your needs. We offer on-site metrology tools, automatic gross and fine leak testing systems, design modeling and more – all coupled with package sealing expertise and delivered with rapid turn times.

Production Services

MCL provides tailored production services, even given tight deadlines. Data files are provided on all networked equipment, including seal processing and test. Hard copy workflow instructions accompany each individual lot. Testing data includes package serial numbering.

Customized Services to Suit Your Needs

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