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Since 2015, our mission is delivering the highest performance hermetic package sealing. New product development, prototyping or production line down resolution, MCL’s hermetic packaging services have you covered. Our class 10 cleanroom provides ultra-clean processing, from incoming inspection through hermetic cover seal. We fabricate tooling and capabilities including automated optical and digital microscopes, X-Ray, SEM with EDS, sample preparation including an ion mill, Seam Weld and Seam AuSn Hermetic Cover sealers in automated glovebox systems with deep vacuum bake, automated gross and fine leak testing, mechanical testing, internal vapor analysis.

MCL’s technical staff includes team members with 35 years + of hermetic cover sealing; metallurgist; semiconductor processing and manufacturing; MCL is fortunate to be located in the Brandywine River Valley of Pennsylvania which is abundant in human capital and suppliers.

Customized Development Solutions

From Package & Cover Assembly Design through test, MCL can tailor work orders to meet your specific requirements. Our turn times are very rapid with capabilities on site at MicroCircuit Laboratories. All processes include a lifetime warranty.

Use Cases

Actual Sealed Package Leak Rates

MCL’s expertise will deliver hermetic packaging solutions for a wide variety of technologies, applications and markets.
MCL’s services are customized to your needs. Whether repurposing COTS or designing complex covers and packages with multiple feedthroughs, MCL will deliver a production-ready solution. Our software modeling, process optimization and laboratory will provide deliverables which exceed your expectations.


MCL development services are tailored to your specific needs. Both selection of materials and design are developed through MCL’s proprietary software modeling and data management system. Design assistance is provided for packages and covers with multiple feedthroughs. Both destructive and non-destructive testing is performed at MCL for the most rapid project completion. All processes developed by MCL are warranted for the life of the package. MCL’s process deliverables exceed the most stringent space standards for hermetic packages. MIL-STD-883 for Microelectronics and MIL-STD-750 for Semiconductor Devices Test Methods are exceeded by wide margins. Your costs will be lower and lead times reduced with an MCL customized development service.

Production Services

Tailored production, following a defined process flow with project specific travelers, MCL provides production services with rapid turn times. The complete production sequence of the hermetic packaging sealing process and testing are performed on site. Test data may be provided by package serial number. All MCL equipment is on our internal only network for ease of data collection.

Customized Services to Suit Your Needs

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