With your valuable WIP, the materials will enter MCL laboratories through three pressurized zones into a Class 10 cleanroom.  The entire facility is on an ESD floor with 100%  Simco Air Ionization coverage.  Incoming materials are received, inspected, documented and stored in nitrogen cabinets prior to processing.  All equipment is on network for complete data collection.  Standard process flow includes pre-seal vacuum bake moisture removal, hermetic cover seal, A5 fine and gross leak testing to class K specifications per MIL-STD-883K Test Method 1014 Seal; 2009 External Visual; 2012.9 Lid Seal Voids Rejection Criteria; 2002 PIND Testing; and JEDEC JESD9C Inspection Criteria. Test Method 1018 for RGA gas analysis is performed after leak testing.

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